“Gun control is not the answer”

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“Gun Control is Not the Answer”

Gun control is not a major factor in lowering crime rate. Guns are not only owned by the criminals, but also by citizens and police officials intended forprotection. The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, ratified on December 15, 1791 was designed to protect the Militias and also the individual’s right to bear and keep arms. Thus, all kind of laws on guncontrol should be considered unconstitutional because it infringes this right. Therefore, what better reasons do we have than self protection and a constitutional freedom right to be in favor of theuse of firearms?
If the government allows more laws against guns, it would certainly not provide any benefits to our society. Guns are not the cause of criminal cases, guns are simply related toviolence, the problem are not the guns yet the people who have a particular reason which motivate them to use these guns as problematic tools. If guns did not exist, they would probably find anothertool or weapon to do the work. The only reason for making these kinds of laws are to make people feel “mentally” safe and good. If they really want to stop the amount of homicides, they should enforcestricter punishment on murders, but I do not think a new law will solve this enormous problem in the world. Besides, like I said these restrictions and regulations can not be incorporated because itwill violate our rights.
Just think about it, if the common people like you and me have no guns, the only groups who will have are the criminals and the law enforcement, so who is going to protectyou when the police officers can not come that instant. Criminals break the law with or without the use of guns; consequently, what is the difference of having stricter laws if they will simply takesomeone else gun that is registered, buy one in underground places that manufactures them or trade drugs for guns. This is why self protection is one of the greatest reasons for owning a firearm. As a...
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