Gun control

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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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Peter G. Doas
GOVT 2301 SO4
November 28, 2007

Sherman, Mark. “High Court to Weigh Ban on Gun Ownership.” Abc News 21 November 2007.

Dueto the increase of homicides having to do with gun violence, the Supreme Court is deciding to impose a law to ban gun ownership. I hadn’t realized the amount of deathsthat occur for just simply having a gun at home; even when we assume they are in a safe hiding spot. It all depends on the justices’ decision after they hear the causes thedebate of guns to be dealt as an issue during the 2008 congressional and presidential elections.
According to the City Officials the law is to reduce the violencecaused by guns since four out of five homicides only this year were caused with a gun. However, the opponents believe that gun ownership should not be banned since theyfeel protected in their home. As mentioned in Chapter 4 the second amendment states the right of the people to keep and bear arms. As Sherman stated gun rights contendthe amendment gives individuals the right to keep guns for private, uses including self-defense.
While wanting to sustain a thirty-one year ban of handgun opponentsthink that handgun ownership should be in the face of a federal appeals court. The main factor that is being debated is whether the Second Amendment protects a personright to bear arms or is for the states to sustain a militia. Though people argue and debate over this issue I assume this law should be passed since it will reduce thenumber of homicides with the use of a gun. Some opt to keep guns for security and safety while others are against it is only left in the hands of the Supreme Court.