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Semester Project 1

Student Name
Psychology 2314
Human Growth and Development
Day of Class (MW, Tues, Saturday) and Time
Shannon Baranski

Semester Project: Article ReviewsSemester Project 2
Article Review # 1
Article: “Back to College at Midlife” Author: Rosabeth Mosa Kanter
Magazine: AARPIssue: July 2006

The article “Back to College at Midlife” is about how individuals in their fifties and sixties after retirement are returning to college campusesin the United States to enroll in school. It seems from this article for many adults entering late adulthood they have an option to return back to school to learn again so they can help to “eradicatediseases, end poverty, reverse global warming, raise literary rates, create ventures to produce peace in the Middle East- there’s no cause too big”. The article also states that in the future goingto school to a university at fifty or sixty could be the norm. It is also likely that corporations and the federal government will include tuition and scholarships for these individuals who want toreturn the school and help the younger generations. This idea is that this is “the new stage of higher education- call it ‘even higher’ education- that turns experience into significance and produces apool of much-needed leaders to improve communities, nations, and the planet”. The article states that this is not just returning to school, however having individuals return to school in order to helpthe younger generations move forward. Individuals returning to school in the United States in their fifties and sixties, also what are referred to as ‘baby boomers’ in the United States can entertheir third stage of life with important tasks and responsibilities.
In the United States and around the world, higher education has typically been viewed for getting a new and better paying job....
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