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Habit 3

Hill you take just a moment and write down a short answer to the following two questions? Your answers Hill are important to you as you begin work on habit 3.
But with that foundation,you can become principle centered, day – in and day – out, moment by living habit 3-by practicing effective self- management.

The power of independent will
In addition to self –awareness,imagination and conscience, it is the fourth human endowmenand – independent Hill- that really makes affective self – management possible.
Effective management is putting first things first. While leadershipdecides what “first things” are, it is management that puts them first, day. By – day moment – by – moment. Management is discipline, carrying it out.

Quadrant II
The essential focus of the fourthgeneration of management can be captured in the time management matrix diagrammed on the next page. Basically, we spend time in one of four ways.
Effective people stay out of quadrants III and IVbecause, urgent or not, they aren`t important. They also shrink quadrant i down to size by spending more time in quadrant II.
In working with that organization for about a year and a half, I saw themclime to around 20 percent more than a fourfold increase. In addition, they changed their role. They became listeners, trainers, consultants to the tenants. Their interchanges were filled with positiveenergy.

Moving into quadrant II
The very language “ daily planning ” focuses on the urgent-the “ now” while third generation prioritization provides order to activity it , doesn`t question theessential important of the activity in the first place-it doesn`t place the activity in the context of principles , personal mission , roles , and goals.

Stewardship delegation
Desired results:create a clear mutual understanding of what needs to be accomplished, focusing on what, not how; results, not methods.
Guidelines: identify the parameters within which the individual should operate....
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