Habits and speculations about the victorian era

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Habits and speculations about the Victorian era

I am going to talk about this era that was named due to the reign of the queen Victoria and it was well known as a long period of peace and thedevelopment of the industrial revolution. In those days, the gulf between social classes was very noticeable, that is why the habits and the family consolidation were different, for instance while thearistocracy women would take care of social events the women in the lowest class could have been working even in the mines.
In this era, the social values and the morality used to have a relevant roleand the women must have worn long dresses and behave under a strict code of conduct, they must have married with the man their family choose and they would do as their husband says. The descendantswould be a matter of importance for the aristocracy because of the inheritance of the noble title, and people used to have many children due to the lack of birth control and the prosperity of thetimes. In addition, the labor as well as many others of surgical intervention might have changed since the discovery of the anesthesia and the instrument sterilization.
Also the industry development musthave made lots of changes, as the transport, in past years people could have spent lots of time travelling by carriage but the implement of railways might have changed the situation; this developmenteven disturb the social dynamic, creating a new social class due to the prosperity of the fabrics and the facilities in trade.
The major entertainment in the epoch were the books, that might havebeen the reason for the success of the plays, the theatre used to be one of the favorite places for the nobility. Another event they could have enjoyed were the balls during the season, where theyused to present in society the single and young women, they also would take walks on the park to be seen and show their best dresses. There used to be clubs exclusively for men where they might have...
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