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what kind of the place is your town?
Give some general information.
1) What’s it called? Do you know where the name comes from?
Mexicali Mex = México and Cali = California.
2) What part of the country is it in? In the north region of Mexico
Baja California Norte.
3) Is it big or small? Or maybe it’s a village. Are there any big or famous places nearby?
Isso big and twee famous places are Ensenada and San Diego.
4) How many people live there? ( the population)
.. 936,826 people.
5) What’s the climate like? What’s the hottest and coldest it gets? Do you get snow or earth quakes?
Its location on the earth on the tropic of cancer makes this region a place with highly extreme weather; summer is very hot and too cold in the winter.
6)Does it have an interesting history?
Common is the term “cachanilla” which is the name of an endemic shrub used by the ancient in habitants of the region no build their huts, so that when they referred to were called the house of cachanilla. With time finally adopted as official no adjective and inclusive is the name of a regional song which I identifies the locals.
7) Anything else?
This townis famous by is Chinese food.

1) Write about events and festivals that you celebrate in your town.
September 16 Th parade, Fiestas del sol, Book fair, November 20Th parade, Agro Baja.
2) Write down any festivals or especial events that happen at this time of the year.
Fiestas Del sol and September 16Th parade.
3) What are they like? When and where do theytake place? What happens?
Are events with many people, they take place in civic center, Rio Nuevo, UABC, common land. People sell, dance, and eat food.
4) Do you eat any special food?
In the Fiestas del sol eating traditional food and Agro Baja eat the things they grow.
5) Do you wear any special costumes?
6) What attractions can you find in those festivals?
In Fiestas delsol are mechanical games.
7) Do the people of your town participate?
Yes, people sell things typical.
8) Do people of other towns come to these events? Do they participle?
Yes, they came from Calexico, Tijuana.
9) What’s the mast, attractive characteristic of these festivals?
That all the family can go.
10) Do you go? Whit whom? Do you enjoy them?
Yes, with my family and friends,yes I enjoy them.

Different towns and areas in the some country can be very different from each other. Over the years, they develop their own language and their awn cultural. Traditions tell everyone about your town.
1) Do people in your town have any special characteristic? What are they like?
We drunk a lot of beer, we likes the sauces hot.
2) Is there alocal dialect or accent? Give some examples of words that are special to your area?
Feature of this accent is eating the s, d, r. Have a strong accent (rancher accent).
3) Are there some local legends?
The lady of five!! , Many years ago in the center of the town lived a woman who abused their children very much, I cried all the time, beat them and put them in the house. So time went on,until their children grew older, got married and dropped out.
The lady, feeling guilt and remorse, went to church in the city to talk to the priest, told him all the things they had done to his children for many years, the father, listening to the cruelties that the woman had committed told him that his sins were many, as a mother as she could travel to Rome only to find there the forgiveness of God.but the lady was very poor and had no way to afford a trip, much less to Rome!, so the priest told him to ask for alms, but (so that his penance was harder) should only accept nickels and coins if given another amount, should return them.
The woman left the church and that same day began with its mission.
Sadly, years later and shortly before they can get enough money for the trip, became...
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