Hacia una teoria hologógica sobre la formación universitaria hologramática desde la perspectiva del pensamiento complejo

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  • Publicado : 10 de julio de 2010
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In the face of the partner-historical complexity of this era, the Venezuelan universities have an important one made in looking for answer for the solution of the problems that faces thecountry. In this context, the UNEFA Nucleus Yaracuy is inserted, of an educational vision of deep social content and in which the investigator feels the necessity to build a theory whose teleología isto promote in its formative processes the complex thought; that knowingly of not solving in yes the events that we suffer; it constitutes a valuable help for the strategy that can make it. To such anend, he/she thought about to construct an approach theoretical hologógics on the formation university hologramática from the perspective of the complex thought. To such aim, one considered to constructa hologógica theoretical approach on the hologramática university formation from the perspective of the complex thought. The ontológica nature of the phenomenon, made up of heterogenous, dynamic andinterrelated systems, demanded an approach focuses dialectic and sistémico that it made possible to identify the deep nature of he himself. The epistémica position of the investigator isfenomenológica-hermenéutica with complex-dialógica direction, articulador way or of autoconstrucción of knowledge towards the complex thought and the method it was a strategy of the thought directed to thecomplexity. From this posture, the method is conceived as a strategy; of there it is assumed the complexity like the art to interpret ensemble and hologramáticamente the reality. The contextual apprehensionof the phenomenon begins from the meanings that the educators assign to the educational processes that they facilitate and starting from the protocol documents, product of the interviews and thecontextual observation, they emerged the categories and dimensions that analyzed and interpreted in holos, extrapolating the holographic and quantum cerebral processes that happen in the man for the...
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