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ZynMapHack v2.0.2 made by Zynastor
Updates available at http://www.bwhacks.com
For Starcraft/Brood War 1.16.1
Release date: March 22nd, 2009


- In-Game
F5 Toggle lag defender on/off. (Removes lag box screen)
F8 Add/Remove unit for auto queue.
Ctrl + F8 Remove all units for auto queue.
F9 Toggle global auto queue on/off.
Ctrl + F9 Toggle subunit auto queue on/off.
F12Toggle five-state stat hack forwards.
Ctrl + F12 Toggle five-state stat hack backwards.
~ / Alt Select all units of the same type that are currently selected. (Excludes workers)
Ctrl + ~ / Alt Same as above but is used for workers and loaded transports/overlords.
Delete Toggle in-game message log.
Ctrl + Delete Change page for message log.
Pause Pause/Resume game.
Insert Toggle three-statemaphack forwards.
Ctrl + Insert Toggle three-state maphack backwards.


- In-Game
/mh [num] Set maphack state. (1=off, 2=lite, 3=full)
/tclicks Toggle maphack target clicks on/off. (Default off)
/sh Toggle selection hack on/off.
/kill Kill selected workers.
/rr Restore rally points to default.
/automine Toggle worker auto mine on/off.
/nukealert Toggle nuclear missilealert on/off.
/autounally Toggle auto unally on/off. (Default off)
/list Show a list of players in the game with player id and race.
/m Display how much workers each player has mining minerals.

- Lobby
/mh [num] Set maphack state. (1=off, 2=lite, 3=full)
/tclicks Toggle maphack target clicks on/off. (Default off)
/sh Toggle selection hack on/off.
/automine Toggle worker auto mineon/off.
/nukealert Toggle nuclear missile alert on/off.
/autounally Toggle auto unally on/off. (Default off)
/list Show a list of players in lobby with slot id and ip.
/swap [id] [id] Swap one player with another. (Must be game host)

- Channel
/spoof [name] Spoof a custom name. (Supports color)
/spoof [num] Spoof a saved name from list. (1 to 5)
/sn [num] Save spoof name to list. (1 to 5)/dn [num] Delete spoof name from list. (1 to 5)
/ln List saved spoof names.
/rn Restore current spoof name to original name.
/cn Display current spoof name.
/ar Toggle auto respoof on/off. (Default on)

Other features

· Host identifier for lobby. (Host has red download status)
· Auto refresher for hosted game. (Game is refreshed every 6 seconds)
· Start a game without any opponents.· Stay in game even after being defeated.
· Show map download status at all times.
· Save screenshots as bitmap's rather than PCX.
· In-game system and elapsed timers.
· Selection hack with mass select hotkey. (Select upto 252 units)
· Maphack with safe clicks and state hack.
· Name spoofer with temp ip ban protection.
· Ally alert with auto unally/unvision.
· Nuclear missile alert withmap ping on nuke attempt. (Not launch)
· Ping ghost on 'Nuclear launch detected'.
· In-game message log that holds upto 32 messages.
· Automatically re-queue units. (Auto queue)
· Automatically create a worker on map begin.
· Automatically mine minerals on map begin and on unit create.
· Automatically gain lobby ops. (Host hack)
· Alliance menu player names are in ally status color.
·Color player name notifications. (Pause/Leave/Latency change)
· Lag screen box timer always set to 1 second. (Safe quick drop)
· On-screen map max counter. (Shows at 400 and under)
· On-screen worker idle detection.
· Show enemy minimap pings.
· Minimap pings are in player color. (Yellow is unknown/default)
· Build anywhere on most terrain with lights off.
· Auto join home channel on battle.netlogin.
· Sprite crash protection. (Protects against invalid sprites)
· Auto-hide leaderboard when stats hack is on.
· Bypass anti-hack protection when connecting to battle.net.

Name Spoofer Codes

\B Blue.
\G Green.
\L Light Green.
\D Dark Grey. (Later text cannot be changed)
\W White.
\R Red.
\I Invisible/Black.
\T Tab.
\N New line.
\C Center justify.
\V Right justify....
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