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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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November 24, 2009
“Top Six Reasons to Eat Only Organic Fruits and Vegetables”
That main reason that Harley points out in his argument is that “you are what you eat”. If you eat fruits andvegetables you’re going to have a healthier life. Regular foods sometimes are grown with toxins; most of these toxins go to muscles and fat tissues. “Babies are the ones who get affected the most bythese poisons because their mother passes them on by breast feeding”. Many people don’t realize this but regular food have “toxins that are very hard to get rid of”. The wealthy way is to eat organicfood because they are grown naturally with no poisons. I strongly believe with the fact that you are what you eat, but organic foods are way too expensive and most people can’t afford them. I also thinkpeople eat what they could afford. “Studies have proven that pesticides that pesticide, herb icicles and other poisons accumulate in the body and lead to illness” Now days you don’t know what topick. The food you like could cause you problems and the organic food sometimes you can’t afford it.
Back in the “5th century Hippocrates believe that let food be your medicine and medicine be yourfood”. He also believed that “food is your best medicine. “If this is true, then it makes sense that we should choose foods that are known to bring us health, energy and peace of mind”. I believethat food sometimes is your medicine because when you’re sick you only crave your favorite foods. If you don’t eat them, you just don’t eat or you make your self think that you’re not hungry.Price is most of the time the reason why people don’t eat healthy. Most scientist say “simply remember: pay now for delicious, heading foods or pay later for medical bills, illness and suffering. Whatscientist say is true but most of the population doesn’t make enough money to be buying this expensive food. In other words, buy healthy foods but you may just not have enough money for the rent. Most...
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