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Army of Hades
A regular magic power in God of War, it is connected to The Claws of Hades in God of War III.

Army of Sparta
The Army of Sparta is a magic used when in possession of the Blades of Exile. It allows Kratos to summon Spartan soldiers, forming a protective phalanx around him. Helios, God of the Sun, used this formation as well, in a vain effort to have his soldiers protect himfrom Kratos. If the magic is leveled up, soldiers will grow in numbers, deal more damage and throw their spears. At the highest level, a rain of arrows can be summoned down after the spear thrust move.

Atlas Quake
After Kratos ascends to the top of Atlas the Titan and unchains him, Atlas then gives him this power. With it, Kratos can summon damaging strong earthquakes. The power can then beleveled up to increase its damage and receive new abilities for it.

Barbarian Hammer
A slow but powerful close combat weapon originally wielded by the Barbarian King. Kratos later fights the Barbarian King in God of War II and takes the hammer to use for himself. It appears as a giant, bloodied, spiked hammer, and it also has the ability to summon Cursed Souls from the Underworld. The BarbarianHammer comes in handy in tight spots where there happens to be many enemies. The hammer is extremely useful in situations where multiple enemies have been stoned, (reflected gorgon glare) as one or two blows by the hammer can shatter nearly any enemy. By leveling up the weapon, you can increase its damage power, and gain new abilities for it. Although slow and heavy in use, the Barbarian Hammer isthe second most powerful weapon in God of War II.

Blades of Artemis
"I offer you the very blade I used to slay a Titan. Take this gift and use it to complete your quest." - Artemis
The Blade of Artemis is a large, curved blade that is meant to be used with both hands. It was once used by Artemis to slay a Titan. Artemis gives it to Kratos shortly after he enters Pandora's Temple. Surroundedby raw energies, the blade is capable of piercing armor and can easily damage any enemy. You can then level up the blade to further increase the damage, and to change its color. Kratos uses the Blade even after becoming the God of War (in God of War: Betrayal), however, at the time of God of War II, he is not wielding the Blade anymore.

Blade of Olympus
"I offer you more than help Kratos; Ioffer you power! I offer you the Blade of Olympus; it was this blade that ended the Great War and defeated the Titans! Drain your godly powers into the sword Kratos, only then will you reach your full potential. " - Zeus
The Blade of Olympus is a Powerful weapon seen in God of War II and God of War III. It is a large, incredibly powerful sword with a bluish light in its blade. It was created byZeus, forged of the Heavens and the Earth during the Great War to banish the Titans to Tartarus and end the war once and for all.
This weapon is first used in Rhodes, when Zeus sends it down for Kratos to use to destroy the Colossus of Rhodes. Unknown to Kratos, Zeus tricks him into draining all of his godly powers into it, supposedly giving Kratos the "strength to destroy all who oppose thegods." But as the collapsing Colossus of Rhodes' hand crashes down on Kratos, it appears he was severely weakened by giving his power to the blade. Bloodied and beaten, Kratos tried to regain the sword, only for Zeus to arrive and retrieve it, not allowing Kratos to regain his powers. Zeus then shoves the blade into Kratos's abdomen, bringing him to the verge of death, and sending him to theUnderworld.
Later, Kratos regains the Blade of Olympus after he goes back through time and with it, he fights and nearly kills Zeus on the Summit of Sacrifice. Kratos, intending to thrust the blade through Zeus' chest, invokes Athena's interference, having Kratos end up killing her, instead of Zeus.
When starting another game on Bonus Play, the blade can then be used for the entire game.
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