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TURBO HELP UTILITY -----------------This file explains how to use THELP.COM. THELP is a memory-resident utility that provides online help for Turbo Pascal and Turbo C. If you are using Turbo Debugger, for example, you can load THELP, then run the debugger and get online help for Pascal or C while you are debugging.

Table of Contents ----------------1. Starting THELP 2. Command-line OptionsSummary 3. Detailed Explanation of Keys Used When THELP is Active 4. Detailed Explanation of Command line Options

1. Starting THELP -----------------Load THELP at the DOS command Make sure the Turbo help file TCHELP.TCH for TURBO C) is in command line option described line simply by typing THELP. (TURBO.HLP for Turbo Pascal, the current directory or use the /F below.

Memory Usage

- THELPrequires about 8K bytes (+ 32K swap file); 40K with no swapping.

Default hotkey - The default hotkey is Numeric-Keypad-5 (scan code 4ch, shift state 00h). Paste speed - The default pasting speed is FAST. You'll have to experiment if it pastes too quickly for your editor. Note that you should turn off autoindent in the integrated environment before using the paste feature (Ctrl-Q I togglesautoindent).

If you are using SideKick Plus or SideKick 1.x, make sure you load THELP before you load SideKick.

2. Command-line Options Summary ------------------------------USAGE: THELP [options]

Here is a summary of the command line options. If you use more than one option, they must be separated by spaces. /B /C#xx /Dname Use BIOS for video Select color: #=color number, xx=hex color value Fullpath for disk swapping (implies /S1)

/Fname /H,/?,? /Kxxyy /Lxx /M+,/M/Px /R /Sx /U /W

Full path and filename of help file Display this help screen Change hotkey: xx=shift state(hex), yy=scan code(hex) Force number of rows on screen: xx=25,43,50 Display help text: on monochrome screen(+), on default screen(-) Pasting speed: 0=slow, 1=medium, 2=fast Send options to resident THELP DefaultSwapping Mode: 1=Use Disk, 2=Use EMS, 3=No Swapping Remove THELP from memory Write Options to THELP.COM and exit

3. Detailed Explanation of Keys Used When THELP is Active --------------------------------------------------------Arrow keys: Move the highlight from item to item within the current help screen. Move from screen to screen if additional screens are available. Select help entry for theitem highlighted in the current help screen. End Help. Help Index. F1 from any help screen brings up the Help Index. Displays in reverse order the last 20 screens you have reviewed. Bring up help screen for THELP's hot keys. Select new help file. 'F' or 'f' brings up a window that allows you to change help files on the fly. Type in the complete path name of the new help file, and it will be readinto memory and initialized to the help index of the new file. If the new file does not exist, or is in an invalid format, THELP will beep twice, and return you to the original file. Jump to specified help page number. 'J' or 'j' brings up a window that allows you to jump to any particular page (9999 max) in the help file. The only editing key permitted in this window is BackSpace. ESC aborts, CR(or four digits) completes. Search help file for specified keyword. 'K' or 'k'



ESC: F1:


CTL-F1: F key:

J key:

K key:

brings up a window in which you can enter a keyword (40 characters max), and have THELP search the help file for a match. If there is no matching keyword in the current help file, THELP will beep twice and return you to the originalhelp screen. I key: Paste highlighted keyword into application. 'I' or 'i' inserts the current highlighted keyword into the keyboard buffer, and immediately pops down. Paste entire help screen into application. 'P' or 'p' inserts the entire current help page (as it appears in the help window) into the current application, and then immediately pops down. Pasting can be interrupted with ^C or...
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