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Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions For HALCO 2500 SUPREME PUMPS
HAL OILFIELD PUMP & EQUIPMENT, INC. 11300 WINDFERN HOUSTON, TEXAS 77064 PHONE 281-517-3100 FAX 281-517-0350 EMAIL halco@haloil.com WEB SITE http://www.haloil.com

Table of Contents
Introduction General Instructions PART I
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MaintenanceInterchangeability Location Foundation Coupling Alignment Piping (General) Piping (Suction) Piping (Discharge)

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Preparation For Operation

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Initial Lubrication Mechanical Seals Check Pump Rotation Packed Pumps Mechanical Seal Pumps Priming The Pump Start-Up Checklist

Disassembly Inspection Assembly A. Shaft and Bearing Sub-Assembly B. Power Frame Sub-Assembly C. Assembly OfThe Fluid End To The Power Frame D. Packing The Pump E. Mechanical Seal Assembly Excessive Packing Leakage and Rapid Packing Wear Installing Water Flush System To Be Compatible With Oil Companies Bearing Failures and How To Improve Bearing Life.

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Miscellaneous Information

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Maximum Operating Conditions Pump Records Bearing LubricationLip Seal Lubrication Packing Lubrication

Suction Line Velocity Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) Capacity Limits of Pumps Capacity Requirements of Equipment Long Term Storage


S103B Page 1

This manual contains instructions for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the HALCO 2500 SUPREME Pump. As pump service conditions and specifications vary considerably inpump installation, this manual cannot possibly cover every situation, but it is hoped that the information included will serve as a guide. Should questions arise, or start-up problems occur, it is suggested that you contact the HALCO Pump Distributor or Salesman in your area. The 2500 SUPREME pump generation is an improved version of older 2 ½ inch shaft pumps. The 2500 SUPREME pump is designed togive longer service life through a wear pad replacement casing, oil bearing lubrication, stainless shaft and stainless casing nuts. There are many principles of proper pump installation and application as well as special considerations for the 2500 SUPREME design which, if followed, will further enhance the performance of your 2500 SUPREME pump. This document will deal wi th both general andspecific recommendations for improved 2500 SUPREME performance in both oilfield and industrial applications.

as older 2 1/2 inch pumps of the same nominal size so the models can be interchanged without changing existing piping, couplings, or bases.

The pump should be located near the liquid source so that the suction line can be short and direct. The pump should be located below thelevel of the liquid to eliminate the necessity of priming.

The foundation should be sufficiently rigid and substantial to absorb any vibration and support the base plate at all points. A concrete foundation, poured on a solid footing of adequate thickness to support the pumping unit, provides the most satisfactory foundation. The base plate should be installed in a level position. Note:A detailed description of proper procedures for grouting base plates may be found in the Hydraulic Institute th Standards, 13 Edition, Pages 116,117. The rugged design of the frame and fluid end makes the 2500 SUPREME more tolerant of improper foundations than many other pumps. When fabricated bases or fabricated skid bases are utilized, the foundation should be sufficiently rigid and level toabsorb any vibration and support the base at all points.

General Instructions
1. Operate the pump only in the performance range for which it was designed. 2. The pump driver must drive the pump CLOCKWISE when viewed from the coupling end. Reversing the rotation will damage the pump. 3. Do not operate the pump with the suction or discharge valves closed. 4. Adjust the packing so that a small...