Halloween costumes

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Megan, Kelly and Susan go back to the big room. They look at the old portrait. They don’t like it.

The girls say.”Abigail Cross’ ” dress and boots are in the bedroom !”

“Someone wants to scare us,” says Bill. “The door of the house is always open. This is a very old house. Old houses have old clothes!”

Maybe we can see a ghost

“Ghost! How silly! Come on let’sstart Cleaning” says Bill

“It’s 5 p.m. It’s time to go home” says Nick.

“OK, let’s meet here tomorrow at 1 p.m.” says Bill

After dinner Mrs Connor makes Halloween cookies and pumkin pies.

Kelly and Megan g oto their room. They want to make their Halloween costumes.

“Do you think Abigail Cross is a ghost?” asks Kelly.

I’m very confused. I don’t know, but that house is…. Evil.”The girls start making their Halloween costumes. “I want to be an alien” says Megan. “Look at my green mask”

“It’s nice. I like it. But what can I be? Kelly thinks for a long tine, Then she says, “I want to be Abigail Cross, the witch”

No, Kelly don’t do it! Says Megan.

“Why not? It’s and easy costume. I want to scare everyone,” Kelly laughs .

“Aren’t you afraid?” asks Megan.

“No,it’s just a Halloween costume” says Kelly. “Remember our costumes are a secret. Don’t tell anyone”

On sunday the five friends meet at the abandoned house. The woman has te same evil smile. But there is something different in the portrait. Megan sees it. She turns on her torch and says “Look at the woman in the portrait. She has a red mark around her neck.”

“You’re right,” says Nick “Whatdoes it mean?”

“It’s your imagination” says Bill “You can see the red mark because yo have a torch. Who wants to go downstairs and see the Basement?” asks Bill

“We want to move the old table to the center of the room” says Susan.

Megan goes to the darl bedroom. She opens the door and looks inside. The Black dress and the Black boots are still there. She shuts the door quickly.MYSTERIOUS NAMES

The girls look at the floor. “This floor si very dirty. It is made of stone and it’s difficult to clean. Let’s wash it with hot water and detergente” says Susan.

Suddenly Susan stops washing. She looks at the Stones and says, There are names on these Stones” her friendas come and look.

“This is very strange” say Bill. “There are 20. This is a mystery. Who wrote them? What do theymean?”

“Perhaps I can find them in my book” says Susan Bill tells her the names. She finds all of them in her book. These are the names of the twenty witches of the hangings of 1692. There are seven men and thirteen women.

“What can we do?” Asks Kelly

“Nothing” says Bill

But these are not the names of ordinary people. These are names of twenty witches” says Megan.

“We can show ourfriends at the party. We can scare them” says Nick Laughing.

“This Halloween party is exciting!”says bill “Let’s put the decorations on the walls, There are bats, spiders and pumkins!”

“OK. So everything is Ready for the party.” Says Bill “We must be here at 8 o’clock to prepare things.

It’s Monday 31 october- Halloween !

That evening Kelly and Megan put on their costumes.

When MrsConnor sees then she says “What wonderful costumes. A green alien and an old lady!”

“I’m not an ordinary lady . I’m a salem witch and the year is 1962!” says Kelly.

“Where is the party?” says Mr. Connor

“It’s at the abandoned house near the old cemetery “

“That’s exciting! Have fun!” says Mr Connor.


The five friends meet at eight that evening. Bill is avampire. Nick is a skeleton. Susan a ghost, When they see Kelly’s costume they laugh and say, “Good evening Mrs Abigail Cross!”

They cover the old table with a tablecloth. They Light the candles because there is not electricity.

Megan goes to the dark bedroom. She opens the door and looks inside. The Black dress and Black boots are not there. She is afraid, but she says nothing to her...
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