Halloween story

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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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It was close to 10 in Halloween’s eve when my friends and I were headed to a Halloween party. We were all having fun and we were very happy with our costumes, I was dressed like a dark angel and my best friend was dressed like a black cat. Her name is Alice, we are very close. She helped me to choose my Halloween costume three weeks ago and convinced me to go to this Halloween party.
I didn’treally want to go because I don’t really like Halloween it scares me but she insisted so bad, I had to say yes. “Are you excited about the party Jamie?” she asked, “Not really but… well let’s have fun” I told her with a forced smile on my face. My boyfriend whose name is Raul took us to the party where Alice met her date John who I don’t like because I think he is stupid and he doesn’t havefeelings. The party was quite well, the place was decorated like a cave, it was creepy but nice, and there was a garden that looked scary and romantic at the same time. I liked that, there was good music. The dance floor had the shape of a shiny big grave. The costumes were great. I saw a costume which freaked me out because it looked very real, it was fury body, long yellow nails, the mask was alsocovered with hair, the skin was grey and the eyes were yellow. I actually was having a good time dancing, talking, joking and even talking to John, he isn’t that bad I am glad we got to talk a little bit in the night. Raul got jealous because we were laughing out loud so he took me to dance. I don’t know how but I started to feel that something was wrong but I let any negative thoughts go away. Iasked Raul to go with me to the garden, he agreed. “You look nervous Jaime, are you all right? What’s going on?”He asked me. “I don’t know, I just have a bad feeling and I felt scared. Don’t worry I’ll be fine, I am having a good time with you” I told him, “I’m glad you said that” he kissed my lips in a sweet way, “Let’s get in for a while and then we’ll go” I agreed and took me inside.
When I gotin, I felt something bad something like a negative energy “Raul!” I shouted, “There is something wrong happening! I want to get out of here right now!” I hadn’t finished that when everybody started to scream. Those were not joy screams, those were panic screams. I felt panic running in my veins when I discovered where they were screaming. It was a real human body lying on the dance floor, it wascovered with blood but there is something else. His skin was ripped off his chest, his heart was missing. Right now I don’t whether to faint or run away or cry. I was about to fell down when Raul hold me and said “We are getting out of here now!! Let me help you, try to run as fast as you can!” I tried but my legs were numb, I tried to tell him but no sound came from my mouth. I was totally scared.I can tell by the look in his eyes he is scared too, I though he was going to carry me, instead he threw me to the ground and put his body over mine. My head was injured; I know that because I am bleeding although I don’t feel any pain. Suddenly Raul puts me back to my feet and asks “Are you all right? We need to get out of here! I need you to be very strong!” “I don’t know what’s going on! Getme out of here!” now I am yelling and extremely nervous. The costume I was afraid of wasn’t a person in disguise, it was a real creature. It killed the boy of the dance floor. It wasn’t the only one there were three more.
I’m running as fast as I can, fortunately we met Alice and John and got to Raul’s car. He drove very fast as he could when I looked back I saw a bloody feast; the creatures wereripping the chest of its victims and eating their hearts. I catch a glimpse of a girl who was being murdered by those ugly creatures. I can’t believe it she was so young and beautiful. Suddenly I realize I am crying and shouting “What are those things? Why have they done that? I want to go home!” Alice held my hand and told me “We are safe now, we are going to your house because it’s the...