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Halloween is a celebration that I can not say whether good or bad as each person sees it from a different point of view, for certain families may be a Halloween celebration in exchangefor others it may be a small celebration or wrong view, I think also very dependent on where you live or ideas that you grew up, for example, in my family halloween is not bad but neither is good forher as holding that one should take into account is the day of the dead.
As far as I think economies are some halloween party favors as they are sent to buy or make costumes, bought candy, anddecorations for this occasion so many people celebrate and all that brings profits to some people and perhaps lost other.
In many people leave halloween parties and is a good excuse to go out with friendsand that many make halloween party, either at home or go out to celebrate this occasion where these parties are usually fun because they are used disguises what you want and is a good excuse to go outand have fun with all your friends, but it is also important to be careful because many use ocacion for evil.
I have not dressed in Halloween because in my family never got used to celebrate thisdate that's why I've never dressed, I've always been wanting to wear a disguise for something that I like and do talves later but not I had the opportunity to dress on this date or at home or out to aparty or to be with family.
my father do not agree with Halloween is why from little girl would not let me get dressed because he said that what we should celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween,it is a tradition that belongs to us and makes us forget our Mexican traditions to some extent because the reason I can give myself as I realize most everyone remembers that the day of halloween killedand as many more as his adopted traditions that do not belong to us.
Above all I think this issue has to be noted that we live in mexico a country that takes many cultures and traditions including...
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