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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Halloween or night of witches is a holiday celebrated mainly in the United States, northern Mexico, and some provinces of Canada on the night of October 31.This is a time of fun and the world system that we believe has done well, it pays to enjoy, enjoy a feast of friends, participate in costume contests, is the opportunity tobecome witches, ghosts, smurfs, leprechauns , even for one night only opportunity all year to knock on doors of strangers and ask for candy and fruit
In fact, the celebrationcalled Halloween is the biggest day in the pagan calendar satanic. No Christian should participate in the celebration of the activities carried out that day. In my churchhave organized several other alternative celebrations, which have been dubbed "Divine Carnival" for children. If we do not, children do not understand! Being so young and fullof life, they see that in school everything is being organized for the celebration of Halloween, and yet their parents (members of the church where I attend) are not excitedby what they see will be a big celebration. The reality is that in our church we are trying to give our children some alternative celebration to not have the motivation to goto a party in her womb is dedicated to the worship of evil forces.

During the celebration of Halloween, children dress as witches, goblins, ghosts, little devils andfortune tellers. These are all representatives of the kingdom of darkness. The games played during Halloween promote mended in children and are based on dark house full ofcobwebs, blood, skeletons, black cats, bats, and darkrooms. But the celebration is not complete until it appears the gypsy with crystal ball to tell the fate of the participants.
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