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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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2- The beginning( who, when, where,how): it´s origin isn´t known, but the first ones in throwing a hamburger to the market was the first chain shops in of the world . Itwas named “White Castle” and it was founded in Wichita ( Kansas) in 1921 by the cook Walter Anderson.

3- How/ Why it became well- known throw the world: the basicthing has always been the meat close to the bread. After over the years the generations have been removing and adding products some examples are the cheese, the tomato,lettuce, etc.

4- How/ Why it became well- known throw the world: the hamburguer was made famous in San Lous world fair of 1904.

5- People like/ don´t like the products:It depends on the taste of every person because of it there are many types of hamburgers and there are even vegetarians

6- What happens today: Nowdays there are manyplaces where are sold all over the world, and they are highy emaciated

7- Say if you like the idea of doing what the others do: We eat hamburger because and notbecause other people do.

8-give your opinion obout the theme you have developed: the hamburger is very innovative as it allows to join several bread and meet, products in asingle dish. It´s easy to eat and is very handy. It´s a rich food, but to consume it in excess is but because it contains a lot of calories.


The hamburgerIntegrants: Ignacio Preuss
Italo cicarelliGrade: ii°a, II°C
Date: September 2th
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