Hamlet summary

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Horatio and other guards witness the ghost of their recently deceased king. Horatio quickly reports the viewing to the king's only son, Hamlet. Hamlet decides to attempt to communicate with theghost, and, against friendly advice, follows the ghost when beckoned. The ghost of the king reveals to Hamlet the secrets of a well planned murder, one already committed, the murder of the king. Hamlet isinfuriated, and is convinced to attempt revenge.Polonius, father of Laertes and Ophelia, Hamlet's only love, is an advisor to the new king. Hamlet begins to act strangely, and when Ophelia tellsPolonius of Hamlet's new personality, Polonius decides to investigate with consent of the king. The king also summons two of Hamlet's friends from college, Rosencratz and Guildenstern. The pair isconvinced by the current king to spy on Hamlet and attempt to discover the reason behind his awkward actions. Hamlet, with help from traveling players, writes a play identical to the murder plot, to be playedfor the murderer and those surrounding him.The king and his trio of curious followers continue to intently spy on Hamlet, particularly when he is with Ophelia. The play, "The Mousetrap," is acted outin front of the king. When he notices the similarity of the plot of the play to his murder, he storms out of the room. The queen, Gertrude, former wife of the murdered, current wife of the murderer,agrees to send for Hamlet with the goal of making him open up about his feelings while Polonius hides in the room. Hamlet, before going to his mother's room, goes to the king's quarters with plans tomurder him, but decides to wait because the king is praying. He reports to the queen's room, discovers the eavesdropper, and, thinking it is the king, stabs and murders Polonius. Hamlet,unsuccessfully, tries to convince his mother that the current king is mad.The king orders Rosencratz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet to England with a letter requesting that the English monarchy put him to...
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