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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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History of Hamlet

Hamlet was the son of the King of Denmark, over time the current king died and his brother Claudius took the throne, after having taken power in Denmark Claude King suddenlyhome to Queen Gertrude and son of the late King Hamlet is plunged into a depression for what happened.
Hamlet one night a ghost appears to him that is his father and his brother reveals that Claudiushad planned his death to gain access to the throne and the ghost demands revenge. Prince does not but after a while begins to plan his revenge and pretends to be crazy for the monarch or king suspectedhis true intentions, the cause of Hamlet takes this strange behavior is a great debate between Claudius and Gertrude, who believe they suffer from a strange disturbance in the death of his father andhis chamberlain Polonius believes that is suffering the effects of love for his daughter Ophelia. Hamlet has one that is represented in the court a work that illustrates the murder of his father andaccording to the reaction of King Claudius could know if he really committed the crime or not, after Claudio King retires very disturbed, and the prince confirmed and the words of his father's ghost.After the performance, Hamlet confronts his mother and calls because they had married Claudius, derrepente hear a voice behind a curtain, pulls out his sword and thrusts, but Claudio lamentablamentenot kill, but kills Polonius. After the ghost is Hamlet reappears and tells him to finish his task, but Prince Hamlet can not because Dianamarca Claudio King of England sent the mercenaries to kill himthere, but Hamlet did not stay with arms crossed, Hamelt managed to escape, falsifying King Claudius orders when he returns to his native Denmark learns that the daughter of Polonius Ophelia wascrazy and that he had drowned. Her brother Laertes without analyzing the situation are quick to avenge the death of his late father. The king persuaded him to stand up to Hamlet in a fencing match, gave...
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