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Society and Economy Gr 7
1.-¿Who is Hamlet and what is his importance in the story?
Hamlet is the son of the King of Denmark is a character whodoesn't look for problems, but after the death of his father who was poisoned by his uncle, seizes the throne of Denmark as well as marring hamlet's mother, through history, the ghost of Hamlet'sfather appears and tells him that he must avenge his death, that his uncle poisoned him, although finally hamlet avenge his father giving his life and the life of others. Hamlet always is looking for thejustice of his father teaching us that the revenge is bad.

2.-¿Who is Claudius and what is his importance in the story?
Is the brother of the king that after poisoning his own brother raises tothe throne, becoming the king of Denmark, hamlet accidently kills Polonius so his uncle and the son of Polonius Laertes send him to England, but he comes back and eventually kills his uncle Claudiuswith his own poison ending with hamlets path to avenge his father.

3.¿Who is Polonius and what is her importance in the story? Is the father of hamlets girlfriend .Polonius is a good person always issearching the good of his childrens Helping and supporting the school , he is very loyal with the king and the queen . Polonius In the story dies by an accident of hamlet accidentally killsPolonius, who was hidden behind a tapestry when he is talking of problems with his mother thinking that he was Claudio.

4. Who is Ophelia and what is her importance in the story?
Ophelia is thedaughter of Polonius and lover of hamlet although by problems is forced to finish their relationship for a few rumors even after Ophelia kills himself by the death of his father ,causing fights betweenHamlet and Laertes.

5. Who is Gertrude and what is her importance in the story?
Gertrude queen of Denmark, she is very interesting in the story because she never has moments of joy after the death...
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