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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2012
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Bullfights or killing them?

In humanity have been practiced for centuries in different parts of the world the bullfighting which thousands of people attend during the year toparticipate of the “show” where about 5 bulls are brutally sacrificed by afternoon to delight of some social classes.

It is just incredible to imagine how some people in the world are able to goto watch such as bullfighting where the life of those helpless animals is left on the hands of this bullfighter that just looking behind his uniforms an admiration of the public having dealt withthe animal and take it to death after 20 minutes of torture.

Maybe not supposed that we who must to preserve our resources, why then these practice are carried out as absurd and worse are calledart, if these animals have the right to live in this earth just like us.

It would be more convenient use this kind of shows to apply justice to the criminals of the world because they do realharm our families to our loved ones and do not deserve to live and maybe in that way we would do a better justice, because these animals doesn´t have any guilty.

One might object here that arepeople who think that this bullfighting is really good, they think that this is an art of a few ones and a few brave no matter that every evening it dies in three o more of them because for them it isjust an animal and the bullfighter a hero. However think that a negligible as are the bullfighters are heroes, I think not, because they just want to brutally slaughtering some poor animal that haspreviously been maitre endlessly for those who think of art and culture meet their morbidity by blood, rather because the matador faces a bull barehanded than 900 pounds, so that the fight isreally fair.

Well, after read everything about this topic you still think is better a bullfighting or a criminal against bull fight?, well in that way will be a hand to hand fight, don´t you think?
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