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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Defining happiness is a little hard because we can find different ways to get the satisfaction that we need in our lives, some people are happyhaving a quiet life and others love changes and excited experiences, but all of us can be agree in the point that all the time we are looking for get it, because isan ideal or a sensation of getting all the things that we really want, but what is really true about happiness is that is compose by little moments, details and themain characteristic is how it can appears and disappears in our lives.
Happiness includes different emotions such as commitment, effort and joy. To findhappiness we have to take important decisions based on what we really want, but being focused and clarify the things that we really can achieve or get.
In my opinion isimportant to say that happiness is not about how much we have; it is about enjoy each moment in our lives, so basically, to be happy we just need to understand thatit is not base in what is happening outside is all about what is happening inside of us, including the ideas that we have about ourselves and about the world. Wesee happiness in the things that we do because we enjoy doing them.
Sometimes we can think that if we get a new car or a new baby or new things we are going to behappy but when we got it is not what we thought because maybe we are not looking for it in the right place.
Maybe we just should let flow life and enjoy eachmoment in our lives without think about how get happiness, we can take risk doing new things, having new experiences and maybe we can find what we really love.