Harrison bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron

Main characters: Harrison Bergeron, George Bergeron, Hazel Bergeron and Diana Moon Glampers.
Secondary characters: The news reporter, the ballerinas group and the musicians.Type of literature: Short story.
Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Year: Nineteen sixties.
In the year 2081, the American government decides that everyone must be equal in each and every way sothey make a Handicapper group led by Diana Moon Glampers. Everything seemed “normal”, but there was a boy named Harrison Bergeron who was above the average “normal” people. Being him a threat for thesociety, he’s taken from his parents (George and Hazel) to jail with a lot of handicaps so he would be equal to the rest. His parents, being artificially handicapped, soon forget their missing son, sothey start watching a ballerinas show on TV, the ballerinas were handicapped so no one would feel bad because of their superior abilities. Suddenly, a picture of Harrison appears in the news channel,stating that he got out of jail and that he was pretty dangerous, then the real Harrison storms into the studio, takes off all his handicaps and proclaims himself as the emperor, after that he demandsfor an empress and a ballerina rises and accepts; Harrison takes off the ballerina’s handicaps with amazing grace and commands the studio’s musicians to play some music as Harrison and his empressdance, they dance so charmingly that they neutralize the laws of gravity and levitate until they kiss the ceiling. Afterwards, they kiss each other, but little did they know that the Handicapper General(Diana Moon Glampers) was on her way to there with a shotgun; after she arrives, with no previous warnings, she kills Harrison and his empress, returning everything back to “normal”. The Bergerons’ TVblacks out and Hazel soon forgets what just happened, then George (who was at the kitchen) asks Hazel of what just happened but being unable to tell, she only says that “something bad happened”,...
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