He (the story of someone who was always waiting for her)

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He was always waiting for her, at the same time, anxious to see her. He could sense how her day had been. He had that natural, inherent perception that let
Him know what was her mood.Sometimes she entered the apartment as if he was not there, as if all she wanted was to be alone. Other times she entered calling him in a nice voice that permitted him to know that she had a nice day.But when she bursted into, in a rush, without paying any attention to him, opening the wardrobe to look for
something to put on, trying on and out several pieces of clothes, and looking at herself in amirror innumerable times, he already knew where she was going to.
He also knew that when she returned from that date, she remained days and days sad besides the telephone waiting for the bell toring. The only thing he
has to do was to remain silent, he knew that sooner or later she would give him tender caresses and that she would devote soft words as if she were calming herself by whisperingin his ear. Days passed and she turned to her routine, her mood improved and he turned to be the focus of her attention. He had to admit that he felt a little bit jealous when she left home forseveral days. He was restless and anxious and he felt relieved when he heard the noise of the keys in the lock.

But last night, when she arrived, she threw herself on the bed, bursting into tears. Allher body shaked with each cry. He could not remember how long she had been crying. All he could remember was her eyes when she sat up in bed. She had never have such a sad look, and he could onlyfeel but desperation for not being able to say comforting words. Then she woke up and entered the bathroom. That was the last time he saw her.

Now he is with other peers but is alone. He is well fedand cared, he has no complaint, but he misses her. Perhaps he will be offered to be the pet of a child or a baby, he will probably not be so alone like he was when he lived with her. Many people...
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