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The assignment execution process is outlined below. Certain steps of the process are mandatory and are considered to be the Minimum Standards that must be adhered to. Best Practice Standards, although not mandatory, serve as a guideline, providing an indication as to what TRANSEARCH offices should aspire to achieve.


Atthe briefing meeting the following information is needed from the client:

• Company background
• History
• Products
• Organisational structure
• Ownership
• Present size
• Number of staff
• Market position
• Competition
• Geographic location
• Culture and management style

More detailed information is required of thedepartment or company for which the recruitment is taking place:
• To whom is the position reporting?
• What are the expected tasks for the position?
• Where in the organisation chart is the position?
• Is it a new or an old position?
• Why is the position open?
• What is expected of the new person?
• What does the ideal profile look like?
• Anyconstraints (e.g. can he be a she?)
• What career opportunities are available?
• What remuneration package could be expected and is this negotiable?


Assignment plans are outlined in the proposal. After authorization, more detailed plans should be made, covering:

• Commencement date
• Timetable
• Finaljob description
• Company hit list
• Company and candidate research
• Shortlist reports
• Research report
• Dates of client interviews
• When references are to be checked
• Possible testing procedures
• Probable employment date
• Liaison consultant and client representative
• Client and candidate feedback questionnaire
• Rules fordiscontinuation
• Guarantee (usually 6 months)


The assignment specifications defined at the briefing meeting are written up into a document that outlines our understanding of the executive search position. Once drafted, the client must approve these documents.

Details of what information should be included in theSpecification Documents are outlined in the Briefing Meeting (5.1) but must include the following:

• Position in the organisation
• Profile of the organisation
• Responsibility - Financial/Staff
• Description of tasks
• Profile of qualifications, experience and personality required


The Researchers who investigate sources within thetargeted companies as well as potential candidates with the desired education and training conduct the search process. In international assignments the Consultant concerned will identify and negotiate on behalf of the client and those partners to be involved. He/she will also co-ordinate the assignment and ensure that the partners are adequately briefed.

Research must include:

•Scanning the company and candidate database.
• Referring to past assignments, printed sources as well as professional bodies and published articles.
• Contacting people who are familiar with the fields of interest.
• A company hit list must then be drawn up, targeting the industry concerned.
• From this, further research will determine the company’s structure and positioningin the market in order to identify a list of prospective candidates.
• The consultant will then use his discretion as to whether or not to present the Client with a Research Report.


The Research process is complete when it is at the stage where enough information is available to design a Report in order to brief the client of the...
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