Health and food in america

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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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Health and Food

Food industry in America is a monster. Americans are using technological advancement to produce food in mass quantities, make it last longer and taste better. Unfortunately,during this process Americans have lost the natural food. People is living in a country with great economic power and technological advancement but also living in a country with the less practicalnutritional practice. Industries are making of the America one of the countries with higher percentage of obesity in the world.

Obesity is a big problem, as big as the first lady has to dosomething with the national issue. Michelle Obama create her ‘’Let’s Move’’ campaign to combat childhood obesity in attempt to demonstrate to the American society that the problem is seriously and it hasto stop now.

Industries of food are managing the farms, the markets and the alimentation of the country. Beginning with companies like Tyson or Smithfield beef group  that sell chicken andmeat,  and ending in McDonalds that sell to Americans finished foods (fast food), the food industries are everywhere and everyday in Americans breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In America the farmsproduct or the natural food products doesn’t exist anymore. All that America eats is industrialized; companies have factories where it supposed to be a farm. Fruits, meat, chicken, milk, vegetables,are now part of some big company. Natural food is gone because industries are using fertilizers and hormones in food every time growth fast and bigger and therefore they can sell more. An example is inthe movie ‘’Food Inc.’’ , it shows that Tyson Company is asking every time for bigger chicken in less time for keep the contract with their farmers and also nobody knows what they are doing for makeit but is sure that is nothing natural or healthy. According to Food Inc movie, ‘’There is a curtain between us and the source of our food. The industries do not want us to know the truth about what...