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Chapter 10: Alcohol and Tobacco

Nicotine replacement therapy treatment for nicotines addiction in which a controlled amount of nicotine is administered to gradually reduce daily nicotine use withminimul withdrawal symptoms

Binge drinking is consuming five or more drinks in a row by a man or four or more drinks in a row for a woman.

Fatty liver condition in which the liver swells withfat globules as a result of alcohol consumption

Alcoholic hepatitis inflammation of the liver as a result of alcohol consumption

Cirrhosis scaring of the liver as a result of alcohol consumptionHeavy smoker is a person who smokes more then 10 cigarettes a day

Chipper a person who smokes fewer then 10 cigarettes a day

Social smoking practice of smoking regularly but not daily,primarily in social situations

Tar thick sticky residue formed when tobacco leaves burn, containing hundreds of chemical compounds and carcinogenic substances

Nicotine primary addictive ingredient intobacco a poison and a psychoactive drug

Environmental tobacco smoke is from other peoples tobacco products; also called second hand smoke or passive smoke

Sidestream smoke is smoke coming fromthe burning end of the cigarette or cigar or the burning of tobacco in a pipe

Mainstream smoke is smoke that is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker

BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is the amountof alcohol in grams in 100 mm of blood expressed as a percentage

Acute alcohol intoxication is life-threatening blood alcohol intoxication

Woman vs. men regarding alcohol absorption women aremore susceptible to the effects of alcohol and have a higher BAC then men do after drinking the same amount. Women absorb 30% more alcohol in the bloodstream then men.

Major cause of death related toalcohol use

Lethal BAC Scientists use the term "lethal dose" (LD) to describe the blood alcohol concentration that produces death from alcohol poisoning in half the population. Most authorities...
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