Health science

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Health and Sickness 3
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How do they work together? 6
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In the document you’ll see about sickness and health; different sciences included in the Health sciences; how do they work together; Bioetics; science limitations; definitions and ideas ofhealth, Disease, Vital signs, Mortality.

Health and Sickness
Health science or biomedical science is the applied science dealing with health.
There are two approaches to health science: the study and research of the food that we eat; and the study and research of health-related issues to understand how humans and other animals function, and the application of that knowledge to improve healthand to prevent and cure diseases.
Health research builds upon the natural sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics as well as a variety of multidisciplinary fields. Some of the other primarily research-oriented fields that make contributions to health science are biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics, andpharmacology (for a more comprehensive list, see List of health science disciplines).
Amyriad of applied health specializations and professions also endeavor to better understand health, but in addition they try to directly improve the health of individuals and of people in general, as well as of other animals (see veterinary medicine).
Some of these are: biomedical engineering, biotechnology, clinical laboratory science, medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy,  publichealth, psychology, andphysical therapy. The provision of services to improve people's health is referred to as health care.

Different science in “health science”
Some key developments in Health were the discovery of genetics; Darwin's theory of evolutionthrough natural selection; the germ theory of disease and the application of the techniques ofchemistry and physics at the level ofthe cell or organic molecule.
Modern biology is divided into subdisciplines by the type of organism and by the scale being studied. Molecular biology is the study of the fundamental chemistry of life, while cellular biologyis the examination of the cell; the basic building block of all life.
Most chemical processes can be studied directly in a laboratory, using a series of techniques formanipulating materials, as well as an understanding of the underlying processes. Chemistry is often called "the central science" because of its role in connecting the other natural sciences.
Key historical developments in physics include Isaac Newton's theory of universal gravitationand classical mechanics, an understanding of electricity and its relation to magnetism,Einstein's theoriesof special and general relativity, the development of thermodynamics, and the quantum mechanical model of atomic and subatomic physics.
The field of physics is extremely broad, and can include such diverse studies as quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, applied physics and optics. Modern physics is becoming increasingly specialized, where researchers tend to focus on a particular area rather thanbeing "universalists" like Albert Einstein and Lev Landau, who worked in multiple areas.
Is the science and art (ars medicina) of healing humans. It includes a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Before scientific medicine, healing arts were practiced along with alchemical and ritual practices that developedout of religious and cultural traditions.
Contemporary medicine applies health science, biomedical research, and medical technology todiagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medication, surgery, or some other form oftherapy.

How do they work together?
As we can see health science has its own science, in this case the most representative are: chemistry, physics,...
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