Healthy eating

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Body Paragraph
Carlos Perez
COM/156Axia College

Body Paragraph
Diet and nutrition are all a process from the selection and purchase of foodstuffs, to their preparation, consumption and use the body makes all the nutrients contained therein. Healthy mind and body enables better performance in different daily activities, from the studio to work and recreation. Thus acquire healthy habits, theyenhance our quality of life and future. Each person has the energy and nutrient requirements differ. This is conditioned by multiple factors such as age, sex, health status, physical activity, among many others, for this it is necessary that each person according to their conditions, have a diet that meets their nutritional needs.
The consequences of a poor diet may be more or less[remove "more or less," which is a meaningless phrase] serious and can be reversed by changing the diet to a healthy diet and complete. But [In academic writing, avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction ] keep in mind that in some cases it may be a cause of problems not only physical but also mental. A lack of nutrients can lead to diseases such as anemia, goiter, scurvy or rickets amongothers. In case it is a slight deficiency is recent surely suffer a decline in physical stamina, mental ability, character disorders, cramps, numbness and headaches among other ailments. Iron is one of the most important minerals for our body, a diet deficient iron intake can cause serious problems during pregnancy, growth retardation and mental disorders in the long term. Also you body becomes morevulnerable to infection. Feeding problems are especially vulnerable children, the nutritional requirements of children and youth through adolescence should be covered, just as it is important from the pregnancy, the mother has a good diet. Poor nutrition in children may stop stunting that are irreversible.
So we organize our work schedule, personal and social, among others, personalcare requires a space between our activities. Adopt healthy habits related to diet and exercise takes time and perseverance, down the road that leads to a better quality of life throughout the years. Habits for good health, should be thought of as a long term project in which we invest in our bodies through exercise, good nutrition and regular medical checkups. When practiced regularly takesexercise and adequate food have the tools to improve the health of the individual. In addition, scientific studies has shown that regular exercise and good nutrition have positive effect on the prevention of many chronic degenerative diseases, as in some cancers and diabetes. That is, this combination exercise - good nutrition, helps to create changes in the lifestyle of people, and therefore there isan improvement in the quality of life and can become a person healthy longevity. All you need is time and perseverance. Plan the time you'll devote to your health is the first step in the path to a healthier life. Hence the importance of not only exercising and eating healthy, but also pay attention to things like mental attitude, relationships with others, manage stress, etc. Being [Doctoral...
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