Healthy life

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Healthy Life

For me, the keys to have a healthy life are: balance, education, example, exercise, liquids and commitment.
To understand this, I can explain itin this way: all we can eat everything, but with balance, foods aren’t “good ” or ”bad” but we must to find the perfect fit, eat fast food once a month, doesn’thurt anybody. Since childhood, children should know what foods are good or bad for their health, frequency and age-appropriate amounts, depending of parents togive the necessary education to their children about proper nutrition. Another important side, is the example that adults give, if children live in a "greasyenvironment" they think that life is correct when it is not. Of course exercise helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but we shouldn’t exaggerate, the exercise helpsto loss overweight, but in a excessive way, we lose all kinds of nutrients and the "good fat" that must exist in the body.  In general, young people drink lessliquids than recommended. We should increase consumption of water, juices or drinks to a minimum of 2 – 2.5 lts a per day. Finally, an important point, when a wholefamily or just a person wants to have a healthy life, and begins with diet or pills that involve rapid or excessive weight loss, they don’t do any good to theirbody, it is best to start the basics, such as reducing the amount of unhealthy food and drink water, but no drinks or beer, the person must to understand thatneeds to make some sacrifices if it want to get a goal, they must to maintain a commitment to self-imposed, as the saying "to be beautiful, must to see stars”
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