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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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Did all healthy food tastes bad?

Do you think all the healthy and light food tastes bad? If you said "Yes", you are totally incorrect. In this text I will show you many tips to eat correctly,healthy, and delicious and what are the benefits that give us a good healthy diet. In this days is very important to eat healthy because many diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension are beendeveloped.
Experts said that we have to prevent these types of diseases because they can cause death. Some benefits that gives a healthy diet are:
1. Eating healthy is probably the easiest and mostimportant way in which you can keep active and shield yourself from many diseases that are now common as we grow older, including heart disease and diabetes. By eating healthy you are boosting your energylevels, improving your bodily functions, and helping to improve your immune system. By eating a healthy diet and combining this with exercise you could end up leading a longer and more vibrant life.Not all healthy food tastes unpleasant for you to realize this,  I will show you some tips to eat delicious and in a balanced way.
2. You will meet your daily nutritional needs. Your daily foodintake should include some amounts of grain, fruit, vegetables, milk (or other dairy products), beans, oils, and protein. There are vitamins and minerals in healthy foods which can boost your immunesystem and shield you from many common illnesses. In some cases, by eating a healthy diet you can actually reduce the risks that are often linked with such serious diseases as cancer and diabetes.Proportion of nutrients in a balanced diet
The necessary nutrients for a balanced diet are:
Fats, 25% of the total intake per day.
Protein, 15% of the total intake per day.
Carbohydrates 60% of thetotal intake per day.
3. If you are currently overweight, you will be able to lose that weight more easily - and maintain it long term! Most people who lose weight with fad diets gain it right back...
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