Helicopero ecologico

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2012
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With this activity we realized how easy it can be positive that recycling, while helping the planet, we become aware of the contamination, as going out toget the material we realizedthat there was too much garbage out on the streets, and not only that, the bad habit of people to keep doing that and not realize the consequences they cause, such as natural streams that are dirty,the environment is increasingly dirty and unpleasant.

So we must begin to sensitize everyone to approach the issue of recycling, and our group made toys and accessories at least other peoplecanseparate their trash.


- Gustavo Reyes Aparicio

- Mauricio Abraham Vera Ramírez

- Erick Alejandro Neri Terrazas

- Benjamín Saucedo ValderramaProyecto multidisciplinario

This project deals with recyclablematerials that are discarded every day and working with all of that to make a helicopter that can move their propellers by means of an engine that works with solar cells that do not pollute or damage theenvironment.

At first it was something simple, just the pot with a tail and propeller, but it was a complete toy we came to turn the propeller to be a little more realisticand appealing,we get a small motor and install it at the top of the toy, with a`` C''battery and a switch so you can operate the propeller.

• Reduce pollution speaking teachers,students, as well as parents.
• Instill in students the value of our planet.
• To instill the proper use of the 3 r.
• Assist the natural aerial reforestation.
• Increase the use of biodegradableproducts.
• Reverse the trend of ecological deterioration
• As also help not extinct flora and fauna both terrestrial and marine.
• Reduce all pollution.

• Using this kind of toys for children in...
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