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There was a small stone wall across the bay made it into a small harbour. Also there was a green and white buoy. A woods came right down to a shore and at the edge of the woods there was a low stonebuilding like a cottage or a boat-house. The narrator meet a man who was standing on the shore dressed like a fisherman. His name was Ben.
1) No he didn’t. He was waiting for the narrator beside arock. He looked very angry. Maxim asked her, where did she got a string? The narrator said that she found it in a cottage because the door was open. Maxim said that this door should be locked andthen he started to walk very fast. Then they started to discuss and maxim said that he didn’t want to go to this bay. He never go near to this place or the cottage, because he had a badly memories ofthis bay. Finally Maxim said to the narrator that he was a fool to bring her back to manderley.
2) They talked about Rebecca. All the time the bishop’s wife said to the narrator that Rebecca was kindand a very beautiful woman. Also they talked about the manderley fancy dress ball. The women said that the last one was so good. There were beautiful flowers and music.
3) First she asked tofrank about the ball. But he didn’t answer. Then she asked about the cottage in the bay. She said that it was very dirty and there were a lot of things. Frank said to her that the things were of Rebecca,because she used the cottage a lot. They talked a lot but the most important question was when the narrator asked to frank: was it the boat was sailing when she died? He said yes and explained thatshe was washed overboard and drowned and nobody saw the accident. She was found two months later, because the sea had carried her up the coast and maxim had to identify the body.
4) The china cupidwas knocked on to the floor and the ornament broke into many pieces. The narrator broke the china cupid so she was very frightened. She found an envelope in a drawer and carefully put the pieces of...
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