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Elyde Rosales
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Mr. Mooney

Youth crime has reached an ultimate high. Many of this offenders have been categorized as minorities, and in manycases they seek attention and love. Judged Judy believes juveniles should be motivated with pain. And Sullivan believes the opposite, they should bemotivated with pleasure. This has now become a topic of argument between people, like for example Judy and Sullivan.

Mercer Sullivan is an anthropologist,who has also studied youth crime in the streets of Brooklyn. Sullivan wants to give the juveniles a second chance and help create opportunities for theme.Like for example drug rehab programs, legally imposed curfew, and education. The causes which Sullivan gives of why theirs juvenile crime have been heard andseen allot. Some of those are lack of jobs, neglect/ abuse, peer pressure, and drug abuse.

In my case, I approve on some of the ideas Sullivan has andin others he is wrong. First of all legally impose curfew isn't really going to stop the juveniles to quite robing or sale drug's. As a teen, I can saythat they will able to find a time and a date to do their crime. One of the options that can work would be education. Because, some of those youth areinterested in art, music, and writing which can study this subjects and leave their thug life to become great successful men and women. The causes don't makesense theirs jobs but because their lazy , they just don't apply. Now abuse, neglect , and abuse of drugs can be understandable.

Judy Sheindlin is a
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