Henry ford

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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1. Henry Ford was a visionary

Disagree: because a visionary man is a person that is imaginative, creative, inventive, ingenious, enterprising etc. I think that ford doesn’t have his own ideas atall he only thinks about the moment and start to do his own company and Ford doesn’t implement any thing new in technology. He only copies the car in the right moment to start sell without think inthe future.

2. Henry Ford was an opportunist

Agree: Because he open his own company and later he star to selling his car asking only for cash payment to pay some notes and to build all theparts. He cancelled all the orders from the supply firms thinking just in himself and no that other people was going to be unemployed

3. Henry Ford was generous

Disagree: may be we can see thathe gives a lot of work to American people but we cannot say that he was generous because he only give the chance to people that doesn’t smoke and drink. And I think that he just want to have controlunder these people to his own benefit.

4. Henry Ford was unscrupulous

Agree: because Ford’s mother taught him a lot of morals like don’t drink and don’t smoke or to make gamble and we seethat he was against war but he couldn’t stopped and then he was making some boats, tanks and munitions and he make a deal with the government but he didn’t do anything and I think that he just keep themoney of that deal.

5. Henry Ford was anti-Semitic

Disagree: ford wasn’t anti Semitic he was ignorant because when he went to Europe he supposed to stop the war but he came back just with onebook. He believes that Jewish people started the First World War but he was wrong. He believe everything that people tell him to thought

6. Henry Ford was a public benefactor

Agree: in someway he helped people giving them a lot of jobs. Also he builds museums of a lot of kinds. It may be that is not done with the intention to help people but it did in many ways

7. Henry Ford was...
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