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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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Maracaibo, March 2011
Shool: Nuestra Macarena
8vo Grade.
Matter: English
Teacher: Maria Gabriela
Student: Henry Martinez

Drake & JoshDrake and Josh is my favorite comedy. Drake and Josh is an American comedy created by Dan Schneider produced and trasmitted by the chainNickelodeon led by Drake Bell and Josh Peck. It began to be transmitted on january 2004 and on december five, 2008 Merry Chistmas had the premierethe movie.

Drake Parker And Josh Nichols are tenn than live in San Diego, California.


Drake Parker: he is a popular guy inschool, had more than 74 girlfriends and have a rock ban called ´Drake and notes rock´

Josh Nichols: he is totally different guy Drake, is avery good student, does not like sports, love magic tricks, cooking and video game. He is very good at playing pool.

Megan Parker: megan givenew meaning to the word mischievous. She´s a major practical joker and she´ll stop at nothing to embarrass her brother. Is the sister of Drakeand stepsister of Josh.

Audrey Parker-Nichols: Drake and Megan´s mother is the ultimate mom. She´s supercool and knows how to have a goodtime. She can hang with the kids just as easily as she can hang with the grown-ups.

Walter Nichols: Josh´s dad, walter Nichols, just so happensto be marrying Drake and Megan´s Mom. He´s a super nice works as a meteorologist on Channel five, y is very strict with her son and her stepson
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