Heredity & genetics: vocabulary

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Chapter 8 Vocabulary

1.Heredity: The passing of character from parents to offspring is called heredity

2. Genetics: The branch of biology that focuses on genetics

3. Monohybrid Cross: Across that involves one pair of contrasting traits

4. True-breeding: all offspring would display only one form of the character

5. P generation: the 1st two individuals that are crossed in abreeding experiment

6. F1 generation: The offspring of the P generation

7. F2 generation: The offspring of the F1 generation

8. Alleles: The different versions of a gene

9. dominant: Theexpressed form of the character

10. recessive: The trait that is not expressed when dominant is present

11.homozygous: If two allels of a particular gene are in a cell its homozygous

12.heterozygous: When an individual has two different genes

13. genotype: The set of alleles that an individual has for a character is called its

14. phenotype: The physical appearance of a character

15.Law of Segregation: States that the two alleles for a character segregate when gametes are formed.

16. Law of Independent Assortment: states that the alleles of different genes separateindependently of one antoher during gamete formation.

17.Punnett square: a diagram that predicts the outcome of a genetic cross by considering all possible combiantions of the cross

18. test cross: a crossto see wheter a domint individual is heterozygous or homozygous

19. Probability: the likelihood that a specific event will occur

20. pedigree: a familty hisotry that shows how a trait isinherited over several generations.

21. sex-linked gene's: genes located on the X or Y chromosomes

22.polygenic inheritance: When several genes influence a character

23. incomplete dominance: whenan individual displays a phenotype that is intermediate between the two parents

24.multiple alleles: Genes with three or more alleles are said to have

25. codominance: a phenomenon in which...
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