Heritage months

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In the United States we find a lot of residents that miss their national countries. They decided to move there looking for a better stability,or to make their dreams come true. And when the foreign independence days came the residents from other countries did parties without permission celebrating the independence or holidays causing riotsand discrimination from the American people. And also feeling that they were loosing part of their identity. For this reason the congress of the USA decided to do something while their residentsweren’t happy there. So they decided to create the heritage month.
The heritage month is a period of time in which people in the United States that are foreign, celebrate the culture and the traditionsof their national countries. In the United States the calendar is divided into heritage months so the resident wouldn’t loose their identity and culture. As February: is heritage month of AfricanAmerican people. March is the heritage month of Greek American and Irish American. In May we find the Asian pacific heritage month and also the Jewish American. In June is the Caribbean American heritagemonth, in September is the Hispanic heritage month until October and the fullest month is October that we have the German American, Italian American, Polish American history month.

What I’m goingto talk about is the Hispanic heritage month that takes place between September 15th and October 15th. The history behind this event is huge, it started in September 1968 by the president RonaldReagan; he let occur a celebration of only one week and then he expanded it, into a month and they chose this date because the date matches with the anniversary of five Latin American independence daysthat are: Chile, Honduras Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and also near to the dates we find the anniversary of independence of Mexico and Chile. This celebrations stick out the politic, social,...
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