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How to Cook Pasta

From a starving college student to a kitchen connoisseur: not only is pasta the most affordable meal option, but it's also the easiest to master and tasty in all of its forms.You can whip it up when you're craving a homemade meal, and even host a pasta dinner for a few friends. Follow these steps, cook it 2 or 3 times, and you, too, can call it your specialty.

1Choosewhich pasta you want to cook. Try to pick one that well suits the sauce. It's best to take the pasta that is a brand of Italy and is made of 100% semolina.

2Get a good sized pot depending on how muchpasta you are cooking. Make sure it is big enough so the water doesn't spill when it's boiling.

3Fill the pot up with water.

4Turn the knob on the stove to high.

5When the water startsbubbling up at the surface (the technical term for this is "boiling"), add up to a handful of salt anywhere. Most Americans do not add salt, whereas Italians add about a handful.

6 Dump the container ofpasta into the pot but only when the water is boiling!!

Be careful!

7Agitate it slightly with a long serving spoon

8 Keep your eye on it as it continues to boil and stir it just enough toprevent the pasta from sticking to the bottom every 1-2 minutes.


9 When it's been boiling for about 10 minutes (check the package for suggested cooking time), take a piece of the pastaout and taste it.

10 If it's too hard to bite, tastes funny when you bite it, or if you see white in the center it needs to cook a little longer.

11 When it's chewy but firm in the center, it'sready. This is referred to as al dente in Italian.

12 Empty the entire pot of pasta into a strainer.

13 Shake out the excess water and then pour back into the pot.

14 Add a tablespoonof olive oil. Toss.

15 Cover with your favorite sauce and shake it (inside the hot pot). You can also add spices.


16 Serve it!


Cómo cocinar pasta

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