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I) What was Hermes the god of?
GOD OF HERALDRY Patron of: Heralds; Messengers
Favour: Protection of heralds; Eloquent speech
(MESSAGES FROM THE GODS) Patron of: Messages from the gods; Birds of omen; Prophetic dreams;
Divination by pebbles
Favour: True omens
Curse: False or deceptive omens
GOD OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRYPatron of: Cattle-herders; Shepherds; Goatherds; Horse & mule breeders; Grazing pastures; Cave shelters; Guard-dogs; Animal predators
Favour: Herds multiply (fertility); Herds protected (from predators)
Curse: Herds die off (disease, infertility); Herds lost (to predators)
GOD OF RUSTIC POETRY & ANIMAL FABLES Patron of: Bucolic poetry & music; Animal fables (eg the tales of Aesop)
Favour: Poeticinspiration
GOD OF TRADE Patron of: Markets; Merchants; Trade; Commerce
Favour: Success in trade; Goods protected (from thieves);
Persuasive speech
Curse: Unsuccessful trade
GOD OF TRAVEL Patron of: Roads; Travellers; Laws of hospitality; Protector of guests
Favour: Safe travel; Protection of guests
GOD OF THE HOME Patron of: the Home; Guard-dogs
Favour: Homes protected (from thieves &criminals)
GOD OF THIEVERY Patron of: Thieves; Cattle-rustlers; Bandits; Crafty thoughts
Favour: Wiliness; Stealth
GOD OF LUCK Patron of: Luck; Gamblers; Merchants
GOD OF LANGUAGE & EDUCATION Patron of: Writing; Learning; Memory; Eloquence; Oratory; Astronomy
Favour: Persuasive speech; Learning
GOD OF ATHLETICS Patron of: Gymansiums; Athletic contests; Athletes
Favour: Athletic success
GUIDEOF THE DEAD Patron of: Passage of souls to the underworld;
Visitations of the dead in dreams (bearing messages to loved ones)
II) What were his symbols, attributes,
sacred plants and animals?
SYMBOLS Herald's staff or caduceus (Greek "kerykeion")
ATTRIBUTES Herald's staff; Winged sandals; Travellers' cap (sometimes winged); Ram
CHARIOT None, he flew on winged sandals
SACRED PLANTS / FLOWERSCrocus (Greek "krokos"); Greek Strawberry-Tree (Greek "andrakhnos")
SACRED ANIMALS Tortoise (Greek "khelone"); Ram (Greek "krios")
SACRED BIRDS Hawk (Greek "hierax")
SACRED OBJECTS Hermai (stones that marked roads and boundaries - often adorned with the carved head of Hermes and a fertility phallus)
PLANET OF HERMES Mercury (named after Mercurius, the Roman god of trade identified withHermes). The Greeks themselves called the planet "Aster Hermou" (Star of Hermes).
DAY OF HERMES Wednesday (named after the Germanic god Woden, who was identified with Mercurius, the Roman Hermes). The Greeks called the day "Hemera Hermou" (Day of Hermes).
III) Who were the family & attendants of Hermes?
FATHER ZEUS King of the Gods, son of the Titanes Kronos and Rhea
MOTHER MAIA Mountain Nymphe,daughter of the Titanes Atlas and Pleione
WIFE Unmarried (or, according to some, PEITHO the Goddess of Persuasion)
DIVINE CHILDREN PAN God of Goat-herds and hunting
HERMAPHRODITOS Daimon half-male, half-female
HERO CHILDREN AUTOLYKOS Thief who could change the shape of objects with a touch
AETHALIDES Argonaut hero who had an unfailing memory
OREIADESNymphai of the Mountains
PANES & SATYROI Daimones (Spirits) of the Mountains
IV) Where and how was he worshipped?
PATRON OF REGION Arkadia in Greece
HOLIEST SHRINE Mt Kyllene in Arkadia (his birth-place)
OTHER SHRINES Temples; Cavern-shrines; Altars in market-places, gymnasiums, athletic arenas, house entrances
ASPECTS OF HERMES 1) Titan Krios (the Ram); Titan Atlas (the Daring One); Pleione(Breeder of Many); Maia (Nursing Mother); Aigipan (Goat Herder)
2) Thanatos (gentle Death); Hypnos (Sleep); Oineros (Dream)
NON-GREEK GODS Mercurius (Roman god); Thoth (Egyptian god); Anubis (Egyptian god);
Woden-Odin (Germanic god)
V) What were some of the popular myths about Hermes?
SAGA OF THE GODS * The newly-born Hermes stole the cattle of Apollon but, upon being...
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