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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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That evening in which one does not know what to do and want to do something, but when it is quiet with nothing to make it out all at once, something that happened to me November 18, 2011.
Walkingthrough the field not knowing what to do, I heard a roar not far from me, I went to take a look to see what it was and I stepped on a piece of burned forest.
Without hesitation I ran to a tent I saw afew people, scared with that grudge that kept them spoke of an endless war.
A soldier told me that if I could do one thing, was this because they were stuck in that forest without any communicationwith his base, without help, then the plan was the following, as they were busy fighting with UDP, I I would go with a couple of guns and kit needed to escape and get help from the nearest base, butthe nearest base is not theirs (GDP) but of allies, the alliance was ND1 (Nation Delta 1), I I said and he led me to the store, well, my team was as follows: 1 pistol with a silencer, it should gowithout anyone noticing, 2 hand grenades, and if things got ugly, 1 kit for wounds and a radio to contact me once I organized it, mark your route on a map and gave it to me, the route was to go north to abridge, clear that as the bridge would be monitored by the river that flowed beneath him.
Before leaving the soldier told me a few words, told me to be kind and caring, that was their only hope andthat if he came to my destination and brought reinforcements, would honor a tribute to me, after that I left the camp in north ..
After walking around with compass and map in hand, stood for descarsara bit, then I heard a few steps to my right, reflex hid behind a tree, I looked carefully and saw that they were soldiers of UDP.
I waited a bit and watched as he walked away, quietly tried to getaway from there but it screwed up everything, I stepped on a patch of those who groan a lot, and watched as one soldier turned and was surprised to see me, I was paralyzed, but also one of the two...
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