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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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Just for a while

Brindley has never seen the sun. He has always lived hidden in a small room with no windows or light at all. He lives in the darkness.
Brindley does not even know what helooks like. He has never had the chance to see his reflection in a mirror. Brindley only eats once a day when someone gets him some food, but who this someone is, is a mystery for Brindleyhimself.
In the real world, people in town gossip about poor Brindley as if he were a monster. They can all see the outside of the place where the “beast” is and believe that it is enchanted.One cool spring morning, Brindley heard some voices on the other side of the wall. He became curious about the new sounds and immediately grew annoyed when he realized he would never be able toknow where the voices came from.
After a few moments of frustration, he came up with an idea. With all the strength he could master, Brindley punched one of the walls and a small hole appeared.Something clear came through it. Even though he ignored what it was, he was well aware that it was new and different.
In his excitement, he continued to punch the wall till the clearnessinvaded the room, only stopping when the hole was big enough to see what was outside, which was nothing special for ordinary people. However, for Brindley it was certainly a sight to behold. Therewere trees and the sun shone through its leaves. Brindley remained taking it all in, in awe for a while and looking for the sounds that had made him curious, but all he heard was a soft breeze.However he did not care. Brindley was happy, joyful.
Suddenly, someone took hold of him by the arms and pushed him out of the hole. Just like that, the clearness was replaced by the usualdarkness and Brindley was left alone and bewildered by what has just happened.
Now that the happiness was gone and everything was back to normal, Brindley knew that something as beautiful as
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