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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Ernest Rutherford is a famous physicist and chemist who made many contributions to science and is considered “the father of nuclear physics”. Rutherford was born in August 30, 1871, in Nelson,New Zealand. His first education began on government schools and at the Nelson Collegiate School. He was awarded a scholarship to Canterbury Collage. He graduated in 1893 with a double mayor inMathematics and Physical Science and a B.Sc degree.
He later became a research student under another famous physicist, J.J. Thompson. He worked with Thompson on the behavior of the ions observed ingases and related topics. Afterwards he labor as a physics professor and the University of Manchester and then at the University of Cambridge. During these years he worked on research on theproperties of the radium emanation and of the alpha rays and he made several discoveries related to it. He is widely credited with first "splitting the atom" in 1917. He also made several importantdiscoveries about the nucleus and because of that some modifications were made to the atomic model. This work was what made him to win the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1908. During research heworked with many other Nobel Prize winners such as Chadwick, Blackett, Cockcroft and Walton. He always remained active and working until his last years of life.
Amongst his many honors, he wasawarded the “Rumford Medal (1905) and the Copley Medal (1922) of the Royal Society, the Bressa Prize (1910) of the Turin Academy of Science, the Albert Medal (1928) of the Royal Society of Arts, theFaraday Medal (1930) of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, the D.Sc. degree of the University of New Zealand, and honorary doctorates from the Universities of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, McGill,Birmingham, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Yale, Glasgow, Giessen, Copenhagen, Cambridge, Dublin, Durham, Oxford, Liverpool, Toronto, Bristol, Cape Town, London and Leeds.”
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