Hi power soldiers

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It’s them high power soldiers
Something wicked is coming
thats right essay
all my high power soldiers
mr criminal presents
report to the front line essay
put your motha f***r strap on
i grew up a f****n screw up mr criminal intruduce styles it’s a game i f****n blew up blue pit but keep it suit up if you vatos don’t wanna dance homeboy then keep it trued up im gangstawhen i put my fucking west side vatos wanna cry big homies and try and get a sweat up im 76 deep in the game im going insane if you vatos wanna bang lets bang

high power soldados locotes my turn my name mother f****rs huevones ho*! criminal crime lappin and mijas supose that my individuals son hosicones gimme your life worth of trastic disaster pshycotic agression possesion ill blast you portlady sent for forskeeming the mass droppin these b*****s when krypton colapser. left fight its still in the night f*****g an enemigo with the fully automatic strike soldados pelones sangrones chingones pero nadamas te ponen puto pues ponle pero se esconde hora ponte pues que maricones

high power mother f*****s.

its hypcritical state it’s this the hate homie f**k em all im trying to ball so imtaking the head first for the down fall with two traws swear to god i can take em all i want for my heart racing with my brain im buzzin dna on my thugs riddin over its stumining it says deli mother f****r what you thought that it was it? peels here f**k your sister now im lookin for your cuzin pmp done that’s the scene now all there is nothing.

i gives a f**k im riding with the sick asssoldiers we takin over this s**t we riding with the big a** kids not givin a f*** about anyone or a b**** we riding we dippin we said trippin it’s the high power s*** shorty will be my name piko nuevo is the game that i claim we rappin we strappin we acting insane not giving a f**** about what anyone claim im sorry ese.

im taking on all my enemies ray the f*****s with soldiers you must have a crazethe hpg we’re bringing the noise you going against bring yo boys tell to head yo pistol chop f*****g with g’s you might get dropped hopin the ghost ya might get popped ill wreck your liver whenever we stop im coming pshyco never the heat with mr criminal out on the street do you wish your life was this taking our ways with our defeat im riding up on this b****sterines same old g with no reface testme and im setting it up become the general press mart.

The hpg to the 213 mr shavo mother f*****s now cant you see how its gonna be when theres soldiers in town when im walking through that area ill make em bow down don’t come around unless your ready pay the price water silver lake gang aint nothing nice catch me in the lake where the drama takes place tiny winer west sider don;’t make thatmistake

bobby 90’s face im with the chiefs carage i put in the most work walk come in from cheverlete buying quetes by the crates when you grab a pistol like listo don’t hesisitate never make it my state you ready to see my pero ill kill you like a pharoah get your rob your dinero ill shot you in los huevos makin el dinero we’ll do you like in lupite and shank you with a filero


now ima motha f****g menace go ahead and check the statistics im bumpin hittin switches high power meaning buissness straight dumpin on the stitches n visious n maliscious go down with the tripple sences phsycotic and the scences still ridin hpg and im back in this b**** its mr san ally boy and tiny winer my click now im coming makin runnin coming in and im gunning two of your soldiers coming soonerthen other level mean muggin

mean muggin straight up surenio thuggin (south side) hoes into something the general of this kurruption ha ha ha they call me the cast the captin of the geneside ford us after that porque from the case saculero from the rifa shoot your little wila at the end of his vida see ya told ya high power’s wicked throughs for the next album don’t get it twisted

don’t get...
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