Hidalgo state

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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The Hidalgo Estate

If you want an amusing weekend and near of the City, you can visit the Hidalgo Estate.
In Hidalgo, you can swim, to visitarcheological ruins, to eat delicious and other activities. Only you have to visit El Corredor de la Montaña, Actopan, Ixmiquilpan, and Tula.
TheCorredor de la Montaña is integrated for several villages, some are: Real del Monte and San Miguel Regla.
In Real del Monte you will visit mines,to be able to eat the famous pastes and to know the place where the soccer was played.
San Miguel Regla is famous because there is an estate thatit was building for Pedro Romero De Terreros, he was owner of mines in Real Del Monte.
Near here are the Prismas Basalticos. They are stonesformed by minerals and they are very amazing because they are high and they have form of prism. There are only three formations rocks, this kind, inthe world.
If you visit Actopan, don´t forget to eat chinicuiles, they are a worms that they feed of maguey. They are used to ornament the mezcal.In Ixmiquilpan, you will find several spas with pools with hot water because the water is thermal. In the majority they have hotel.
Finally, inTula are The Atlantes with heigh of 4.8 m, each one was made of basalt rock.
The legend said: that these giants supported the roof of the shrinededicated to Quetzalcoatl. Maybe they were an army.
In Hidalgo there more places to visit but this is just a little that you be able to find.
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