Hiding place

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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The Hiding Place


1st form

By: Eduardo Mendez

The ten Boom family, was the great family that Corrie have, there is her father a great man, hermother a kind women, her two brothers great brothers and her sister betise a great friend and sister.

This is a highly respected one known for their deep religious faithand good , will towards anyone , who might need their help. This celebration took Place in 1937 within the shadow of World War II and the rise of Nazism. However, the Dutch peoplebelieved that just as in World War I, their neutrality would be honored. One time there three aunts and sleep for there a long time, also unfortunately one of them die.Also Corrie fell in love with a friend of his brother. She don’t se him for a long time, but then she saw him again.
Unfortunately, they could not know the evil and thehorrors that come with it were just around the corner for
them. Corrie described in detail the old, strangely built
Dutch house where she was born, because it would
become thesecret room they would build to hide Jews and
political prisoners fleeing Nazi persecution.

Years later Corrie and Betise unfortunately go to jail. They were on the samecell, but then they sent Corrie to a different one. When the time pass the Nazi sent all the women Germany, that was a long way walking.
When they stop a moment Corrie andBetise were sick. When the time pass Betsie die and Corrie was sent to a hospital. On that hospital three visions and when she already saw it all the doctor said that she is free ofeverything.

Since then corrie was working with a committee o the German Lutheran church, Corrie opened a camp in Darmstadt, and then she was happy for ever.

Eduardo Mendez
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