Higher education: is on-line education for me!

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Higher Education: Is On-Line education for me!

With the introduction of On-line learning the education leap centuries in what seems days that hence its popularity. (Gilbert, 2000)

The method ofOn-Line learning for Higher Education has become a success due to several factors coming together, motivated students looking for a system of education that suits them and not vice versa andUniversities who are not afraid to use an unconventional system some of them being hundred percent On-Line.

The On-Line Learning is attractive for many reasons, first of all who would argue about it’smodularity to fit lifestyles and the ease of adjusting to any type of schedule by eliminating the need to travel or attending to a physical location several times a week, secondly presents an opportunityto share ideas with career oriented peers and the exposure to their cultures, and finally the possibility of continuing education regardless of age, location or means of transportation . Now todetermine whether is the system education to follow the student must assume a different role in which he will have to replace elements that are given in traditional education.

The main elements toanalyze are time management, self motivation, the absence of face to face interaction and comfort with new technologies.

The time needed to organize a class is a bit overwhelmed, It’s need to follow astrict process because this alleviates the feeling of never ending. One of the difficult issues of online study is the very fact that makes it so practical, having the access at your disposal twentyfour hours a day. Organizing the week ahead and setting goals per day is how to manage time between your lifestyle and the On-line life.

Classes are with weekly goals what facilitates thescheduling; what makes me enter a new point., motivation, this weekly routine can be an act of double-edge, can be seen as the stress to start from scratch or the possibility of a fresh star. The not...
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