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HIPO Mentoring Program Objective-Setting Template


To determine the overall purpose and structure of the program and understand the outcomes the organization wishes to achieve throughthe program.


HR or the HIPO Mentoring Program coordinator should complete this template.

How to Use:

 Use the questions on the following pages to help you determine theobjectives for your HIPO Mentoring Program. Using input from senior business unit and HR leaders, think through the critical components of the HIPO mentoring program, including the following:

• Programstrategy
• Program success measures
• Program nomination process
• Program participant criteria
• Program structure

 You may select from CLC Human Resources’ suggestions in each of the sectionsor add your own organization-specific options.

 Summarize stakeholder input and discussion outcomes on page 6 of this document. Use this summary (on page 6) when presenting the program’sobjectives to key stakeholders and for reference while shaping your HIPO Mentoring Program.


Program Strategy andSuccess Measures

1. Mark the objectives for your HIPO Mentoring Program from the column on the left. Based on your selected objectives, mark related success measures on the right, or enter your own.Use the HIPO Mentoring Program Effectiveness Dashboard to track these metrics.

Objectives Suggested Success Measures
To accelerate development of HIPOs Promotion rate of HIPOmentees
Percentage of HIPO mentees who reach the executive level

Percentage of HIPO mentees who are moved into the succession pool
Other (please specify): _________________Other (please specify): _________________
To increase retention of HIPOs and senior leaders Retention rate of HIPOs who participate in the program
Retention rate of senior...
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