Hills like White Elephants
Ernest Hemingway.

1. Hemingway, on Hills like White elephants, uses dialogues to express the major characters’ opinions and expressions. However, more than communicating they just talk. They have a non sense chat where both of them seem to be just worried for their selves and they don’t care for what the other say. The conversation is brief; therefore nobody hears and understands really each other. In one hand, the man only cares for the woman’s operation, and tries to make it not look this way by telling her that it will be “all right”(80) and that she doesn’t have to do it if she doesn’t want to. The man controls thewoman by making her understand that what anything will happen depends on her decision. In addition, it can be implied that they keep drinking in order to distract themselves from the inevitable fact of having to talk and to confront reality.

2. “The hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white.” (1) What might symbolize the way the girl feels her pregnancy, far in the distance, but as something tangible and as something that cannot go away or disappear. She knows it is there. She tries to tell her lover what she feels, but he refuses to understand. She blocks her feelings and after she accepts to have the operation trying to convince the man tosee the mountains the way she does, as if this happened their relation would be saved and would be the way it used to be.

The color of the hills also represents purity of the unborn child and the capacity the woman has to relate this to it.

3. It can be implied from the story that the couple is talking about a relevant decision that might latter change the way they live their lives. The man is indifferent to the girl’s worries, but he tries to make the girl believe he really understands her. No mattering what happens he will always love her. But the girl is unsure of what she wants. In one hand she wants to keep the baby, but in the other she [continua]

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