Hindu wedding

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There are several rituals, through which the Hindu wedding ceremony occurs. Two People who are said to be compatible are brought together. Through the wedding ceremony they get into the form of alifelong relationship at a ceremony called marriage. This is a new stage and responsibility as a householder.

The actual rituals that are performed in a Hindu wedding ceremony are different fromregion to region and usually take several hours to complete.

The Phases of Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Vara Satkaarah - this ceremony constitutes the welcome of the bridegroom and his relatives at theentrance of the wedding hall where the priest chants a few sacred mantras and the bride's mother blesses the groom by applying Tilak made of vermilion and turmeric powder.
Madhuparka - this ceremonyconstitutes the welcome of the bridegroom at the altar. The bride then offers a mixture of yogurt and honey to the groom as a sign of purity. The bride then greets the groom by a garlanding him and thegroom reciprocates it.
Kanya Dan - in this ceremony the father of the bride gives away his daughter to the groom. The father pours out a little of sacred water which symbolizes the giving away ofhis daughter to the bridegroom. This ceremony is done between the chanting of sacred mantras.
Vivah-Homa - this sacred fire ceremony is done to ensure that all auspicious undertakings of the marriagestart in an atmosphere of purity and spirituality.
Pani-Grahan - in this ceremony the groom and the groom stand opposite to each other. The groom holds the right hand of the bride in his left hand.He recites some Vedic recitations praying for a long life and a long life.
Pratigna-Karan - in this ceremony the bride and the groom walk round the fire, with the bride leading, and make promises ofloyalty, love and fidelity to each other.
Shila Arohan - in this ceremony the bride's mother helps the bride to symbolically step onto a stone. This in other words is preparing her for a new...
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